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Fitness Ranking System – Level 6 Workout

This is for all you HARD charging FitRanXers.

Below is a LEVEL 6 workout to get your Monday started right!

Every exercise should be done for 1 minute with no rest in between exercises. Do each circuit twice.

Rest for 30 seconds in between circuits. Do the best

you can for that 1 min!

Warm Up– Do 15 – 50 yard sprints.

Circuit 1

Pull – Ups – 1 min (Use a Super band to help if needed)

18″ Box Squat – 1 min (Use whatever you have – Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbell, Bands – use a weight that is challenging)

Single Leg Deadlift – 1 min each side (Use whatever you have – Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbell, Bands – use a weight that is challenging)

Bosu Tricep Extension – 1 min

Circuit 2

Kettlebell Double Swing, Snatch, Press, Squat– 1 min (Use a weight that is challenging)

Single Leg Jump Rope – 30 seconds each side

Fireflies with push-up – 1 min

Double Undulation Ropes – 1 min (Anyway you know how)

Stay Motivated FitRanXers,

Sgt. Rians


Do Ranking Systems Really Work?

Part 1

Have you ever sat down and really thought about what motivates you? Have you ever compared what motivates you and what doesn’t motivate you? If not, you should try it. Does setting short term goals work for you or does setting long-term goals work for you. Maybe it’s a combination of both?

I want to take a look at some different types of ranking systems and really see what the driving force behind them is. Do they actually motivate people or does it make people feel inferior.

Military Ranking


Ranking systems have been used for centuries in the military. Why is this? Does this system motivate men and women to give up their lives for their country? Since I am a former Marine, I have a little insight into this. I do not believe the ranking system is what motivates people to sacrifice themselves for their country. No, they fight for the men and women in uniform beside them. They fight for their loved ones back home. But the ranking system does keep them motivated in other ways. When you are a Private at the bottom of the totem pole, you want nothing more then to graduate to the next rank. One reason is so you don’t have so many people yelling at you. Another reason is because it gives you a sense of pride. With more rank comes more responsibility. Some people may not like more responsibility, but I have seen this transform boys into leaders. Sometimes all it takes is to give someone a little more responsibility to really see him or her shine!

When I was a squad leader in charge of 4 nineteen-year-old Marines, I saw this exact thing happen. His name was PFC Pitt. Now Pitt did what he was asked and performed his duties like he was supposed to, but he did the bare minimum. He did not go above and beyond what he was asked to do. I have seen this a lot outside of the military. People just do what they need to do to get by and do just enough not to get yelled at by their superiors. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those superiors? What makes them better then you? I bet you, they went above and beyond what was expected of them and that is what got them to that position. Sometimes all it takes is giving someone a little taste. So that is what I did with young PFC Pitt.

I decided I wanted to see if he had what it took to be a leader. If you are in a leadership position, you might be surprised with people’s performance once you put them in charge of something. So on a combat drill on Camp Pendleton, I decided to step down as Squad Leader and let PFC Pitt take over. Now, when I informed him of this he’s eyes got real wide and he panicked to the point I thought he might throw up, but he held it together. Once the hatch of our AAV amphibious vehicle opened up and the battle was on, I saw a boy become a leader. He was calling out orders to his squad and leading the way on the attack. He made sure his men were doing what they were supposed to be doing and guided them successfully through the entire battle.

After this I made sure he was promoted to his next rank. And Lance Corporal Pitt went above and beyond every duty he was given after that.

Now I’ll share another personal story that a lot of people do not know about me. In my younger years, I was a little wild! So when I joined the Marines when I was 18, I still had a little wild left in me.

I had been in the military for almost a year, when I had a friend ask me if I wanted to just take off. In the Marines, this is called UA (unauthorized absence) in other branches it’s called AWOL. For myself, I didn’t really care either way, stay or go? I thought taking off sounded exciting. Being on the run from the government, living life on the edge. So we did it! I’m not going to bore you with all the details, but the first time I left I was gone for 6 days before my parents turned me in. I got sent back and was punished with extra duties and they took all my pay for two months. I was pretty pissed off, so I took off again. This time I was smarter and was gone for 30 days. By that time I had no money left and the thought of never being able to use my real name again was not looking too good. So I decided to turn myself in. This time the Marines were not going to be so nice with my punishment. I was court martialed, stripped of all rank and sentenced to serve time in the Brig (military prison). Not a fun place to be when you are 19. It was a very scary experience, but one I do not regret. Serving time inside a military prison really set me straight. It opened my eyes to what would happen if I didn’t do my job and do it the best I could. I was a changed man after getting out of that place.

I went back to my unit as a Private, the lowest rank in the Marines. All my friends that I came in with were two ranks higher then me. Now some people could let this situation break them and feel sorry for themselves. But not me, something inside me was woken up in that dark scary prison. I used being at the lowest rank possible as motivation. I wanted to prove to everyone that I could get my rank back! This motivation propelled me to work harder and longer then everyone else. I wanted my rank back!

So my unit put me up for a meritorious board to try and win my rank back. This is a competition between 1000’s of Marines to see who has the most knowledge on tactics, military appearance, history, and military bearing. I studied day and night. Anytime that I had between my regular training and duties, I was working on winning that board so I could get my rank back. The day of the competition came and I blew everyone out of the water! I won my second rank back. Now I still had a long road ahead of me, but this victory just fueled my motivation.

In the end, I won 4 meritorious boards and exited the Marines a higher rank then all of my peers.

So in conclusion, I believe that the military rank structure can motivate people to higher levels then they can even imagine. And this is why this system has been in place for centuries and will not be going any place anytime soon. So if you believe that a fitness ranking system would work to motivate you to higher levels, check out this link

Stay Motivated!!

Sgt. Rians

Fitness Ranking System – LEVEL 2 Workout

Here is a LEVEL 2 workout for all you FitRanXers.

Every exercise should be done for 1 minute with a 20

second rest in between exercises. Do each circuit twice.

Rest for 30 seconds in between circuits. Do the best

you can for that 1 min!

Warm Up– Do 3 minutes of Jumping Jacks – 5o seconds ON and 10 seconds REST. Repeat 3 times.

Circuit 1

Kettlebell Goblet Squat – 1 min (Use a weight that is challenging)
Bent Over Row – 1 min (Use whatever you have – Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbell, Bands – use a weight that is challenging)
Straight Leg Deadlift – 1 min (Use whatever you have – Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbell, Bands – use a weight that is challenging)
Plank Walk Up – 1 min

Circuit 2

Kettlebell Single Hand Alternating Swing – 1 min (Use a weight that is challenging)

Burpee – 1 min

Flutter Kick with Kettlebell Overhead – 1 min

Jump Rope – 1 min

Enjoy your workout today!!
Sgt. Rians

Are You In Control?

When it comes to fitness and losing weight, the reason we don’t reach our goals is

not because of the workout routine we are on or the meal plan that we are trying to stick to.

It’s our emotions that get that better of us.

I admit it I have had my ups and downs.

I fall off my meal plan once in awhile when I get into an emotional funk.

But what causes those emotional funks?

Did you get yelled at at work because of something you forgot to do?

Is your significant other not giving you enough attention?

Did your car decide to break down on you and you just don’t have enough money to fix it?

But what if you could be happy no matter what happens?

If this sounds good to you, you need to take charge of your life with these 3 easy tips.

1. Enjoy the little things

We are always after that next best thing.

That feeling that we need something – more money, better relationships, those new pair of shoes, that bigger house – to make us happy.

Instead of enjoying what we have, we chase a vague idea of happiness.

But even when you get everything that’s supposed to make you happy, life will have ups and downs.

Today your weight is up; tomorrow you pull your hamstring.

You can always find reasons to be miserable.

So enjoy the little things in life.

Wanting more is fine, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy life for what it is – in the present.

2. Take Responsibility

We often blame other people, circumstances and even objects for our problems.

“I’m not losing an weight because my trainer isn’t training me right”; “I look this way because I have bad genetics.”

Life is full of different obstacles and situations: some are good and some are bad.

Unless you take responsibility for your life, you’ll always be at the mercy of those circumstances.

Stop blaming others for what’s wrong in your life and focus on what you can do to improve it.

I’ve been through a ton of bad spots in my life.

I could have let those situations consume me, but I didn’t.

I learned from them, so I could work on improving my life.

Feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere.

It’s up to you to make yourself happy: nobody else’s.

3. Take Action

When you want to lose weight – start jogging.

When you want to get stronger – pick up a heavier weight.

Someone’s being mean to you? Tell them to stop.

If you’re unhappy with your job, start looking for a new one.

Take action towards what you want.

Do not just talk about it.

I hear people all the time talking about what they want to do and then I ask them “how long have they been talking about that?” I usually get a blank stare.

Sit down and write out what you want.

Put that list up on your frig or on a bulletin board.

Look at it everyday and take action working toward what you want.

With enough hard work and dedication, you really can create the life you want.

Keep up the good work FitRanXers

Sgt. Rians

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