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Lights OUT!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without electricity?

Take a look at TV and the news. The new TV show “Revolution” on NBC is all about this concept. So people must be thinking about it.

Take a look at the news and the weather channel. They are all talking about Frankenstorm and how bad the impact is going to be in the New Jersey and surrounding areas. Do you think they will be without electricity for a while?

Are you prepared for something like this?

The reason I’m writing to you today is because I performed an experiment with my family over the weekend.

The experiment was to shut the power off at my house for 1 weekend to see how my family would hold up without Saturday morning cartoons and vegging out in front of the computer for hours on end.

I did this for two reasons, I wanted to unplug from the Internet, iPhone, TV, iPad, and everything else electrical for a weekend and relax. The other reason was to see how my family would do without all their electronic comforts.

I know a lot of you think I am nuts, but after reading this, let me know if I have changed your mind.

I brought this idea up to my wife and she looked at me a little funny, but after I explained why, she thought it was a good idea and said lets do it. That is just one of the reasons I married this womenJ

So I told the kids (Joey – 8, Suzy – 2) about the weekend without electricity and all the fun things we were going to do without it and they were in. Friday night was like Christmas Eve night to my little guys. I was really surprised at how excited they were about waking up and having no electricity.

So on Friday night after the kids were in bed, I went out to the fuse box and started flipping all of them off. Now, the only one I did leave on was the refrigerator.  If you want to go all out and shut that down as well, more power to you, but I left mine on.

Once Saturday morning came, I was shocked that my little two year old didn’t ask to turn cartoons on first thing. Right after breakfast her big brother distracted her by asking her to play Legos and cars with him.

During that time I actually took a book out. Do you guys remember those things? Instead of skimming through Flipboard on my iPad or reading blog posts on my computer, I sat back and read a book as I enjoyed my morning coffee.

Now you may be thinking, “How did you make coffee without using the electronic coffee maker”, some of you may be hikers and outdoorsy people like myself, but there are a lot of people out there that are not.

All I had to do was boil some water and pour that through my coffee maker just like the machine would have done with electricity. Yes, it takes a little longer but its fun.

After I finished my morning coffee, I rounded up the fam and we went out to the garage for our morning workout. Now this is nothing out of the ordinary for us. My wife, Joey, and myself always work out on Saturday morning together and little Suzy jumps on her trampoline or try’s to following along with us. It’s a great way to really keep the family connected.

But after the workout was the really treat. Usually after our morning workout, the kids go inside, hit the showers and then sit in front of the TV. But not this time, everyone stayed outside for the entire day. I had no complaints, no whining, and everyone had a ton of fun. Here are just a few things we did:

  • Workout
  • Bike Riding
  • Practiced Martial Arts
  • Carved Pumpkins
  • Practiced Archery
  • Paper Plane Competition
  • Set Up An Obstacle Course
  • Played Card Games
  • Cooked Hotdogs And S’mores Over The Fire
  • Played Board Games
  • Went To The Local Park
  • Read Books
  • Went To The Beach
  • Took FitRanX Test

If you sit down and write out a schedule and all the things you can do, it can be a great experience for everyone.

The great thing about all this was how active everyone stayed. It had been a long time since the whole family stayed outside until the sun went down. I feel like it brought the whole family closer together.

I think being active is a huge problem that our society has today. With adults and our youth. We are just not active enough through out the day.  The big success I saw with this Lights Out weekend was the fact that everyone had fun and didn’t even notice that they stayed active all day long. It wasn’t work for anyone and that is the key, finding a way to workout and stay active without it seeming like work.

That is why I am using my 8 year old as a test subject for my Kids FitRanX program. He is not the type of kid that likes to workout. Getting him to do something active was a challenge. He also loves his junk food and eating out with Grandpa.

But I really think I am on to something. I can’t give away too much, since I am still testing out the program, but Joey has been workout for over 2 months now. He does 4 workouts and runs 2 miles a week. Joey just took his Level 3 test over the weekend and did an amazing job! I am really proud of him.

So in conclusion, I really hope you take something away from this. If it’s not unplugging for a weekend, then I hope it’s taking time to write out a list of all the things you could do with your family to stay more active. I guarantee if you do this, it will bring your family closer together and make all of you healthier.

Stay Motivated FitRanXers,

Sgt Rians


Fitness Ranking System – Level 4 Workout

Today we are going to go over a LEVEL 4 Workout

Every exercise should be done for 1 minute with a 10 second rest in between exercises. Do each circuit twice. Rest for 30 seconds in between circuits. Do the best you can for that 1 min!

Warm Up– Do a mile and a half jog outside.
Circuit 1
Renegade Row (Feet Elevated) – 30 sec each side (Use a dumbbell or kettlebell)
Kettlebell Alt Single Swing – 1 min (Use a weight that is challenging)
Pull-ups – 1 min (Use a superband if needed)
Bear Crawl – 1 min
Circuit 2
Mountain Climber – 1 min
Kettlebell Snatch – 30 sec each side (Use a weight that is challenging)
Overhead Towel Lunges – 1 min (Alternate back and forth)
Bowing Crunches – 1 min

Stay Motivated!!!

Sgt. Rians
P.S. For more information on how to be a part of the REVOLUTION and start your own FitRanX Platoon contact us at:

Do Ranking Systems Really Work? Part 2

10/02/2012 2 comments

Part 2

Martial Arts

martial arts

       So how long do you think the martial arts have been using the colored belt ranking systems? Its actually really hard to say. Their are a lot of people out there that claim they started it first, but I can tell you this, the martial arts have been traced back to 3000 B.C.. Now that’s a long time ago. There are other accounts of people developing the actual colored belt rankings in Judo around 1883. There are some other claims that the colored belt system was developed in Europe around 1935. No matter what the truth is, the colored ranking system has been around for centuries!

Martial Arts

Why do you think it has worked so well?

How has this ranking system lasted through out the centuries with all the changes in our society?

English: a generic martial arts black belt.

      In my opinion it’s the coveted Black Belt! Everybody wants to be a black belt. It gives you bragging rights. It sets you above all the rest. It comes with a sense of respect from your peers, and we all want respect. Even if you tell yourself that that kind of stuff doesn’t matter to you, you are just lying to yourself. We all crave acceptance, we all have the desire to want to fit in with the crowd. The Martial Arts provides this for people. It gives them a group to belong to. It makes them a part of something bigger then themselves and the rank structure within that family or group is what motivates them to keep pushing to the next rank.

      So I have a personal story for you, I myself have been involved in the Martial Arts since I was 1o years old. If I could have, I would have taken classes at a much younger age, but my family could not afford it. So by the time I was 10, I was able to get a job delivering newspapers. Yes, they did allow 10 years olds to work back then. I am not even that old, but I ask myself, “what happened to the good old days” already. Working at that age was a great thing for me. I developed a great work ethic at a young age, something our youth is lacking these days. But my point of this story is, that I made $50 a month delivering newspapers and do you know what I spent that money on? I spent it on Martial Arts classes. All $50 dollars!! That was a difficult thing for me to do. A months pay all gone for classes. If that doesn’t prove to you that the Martial Arts ranking system works, then I don’t know what will. A ten year old kid spending all his money on classes, just to be a part of something greater. I’ll tell you right now that there were some months I would have loved to buy the cool new toys that were out, but I didn’t. I wanted to keep going to classes so I could graduate to that next belt color. I didn’t want any of my peers that I started with getting to a higher rank then me. That was a huge motivator. I still remember the feeling of when I advanced in rank faster then some of the kids that had been their longer then me. That was a great feeling and it gave me a sense of pride. It also motivated the other guys to get there butts back in the dojo and train.

      So, I think I have proven my point on how and if the Martial Arts ranking system really motivates. These reasons are all why I have combined my experience with the Martial Arts, the Marine Corps, and my 11 years in the fitness industry into the FitRanX System. It is a perfect combination of everything that I have learned over the years about what works to get people and keep people motivated. If you are interested in starting your own FitRanX Platoon in your neck of the woods, contact us here:

Stay Motivated,

Sgt. Rians

Fitness Ranking System – Level 5 Workout

10/01/2012 1 comment

Here you go WARRIORS!

Below is a LEVEL 5 workout to get your week started!

Every exercise should be done for 1 minute with 10 seconds in between exercises. Do each circuit twice.

Rest for 30 seconds in between circuits. Do the best

you can for that 1 min!

Warm Up– Do 1 mile – 30 yard sprint – walk 5 min – repeat

Circuit 1

Pull – Ups w/ Super Band– 1 min

Stability Ball Pike – 1 min

Full Body Weight Dips – 1 min

Clapping Push-Ups – 1 min

Circuit 2

Box Jumps – 1 min (18″ if you have it)

Straight Leg Deadlift – 1 min ( Use Dumbbells, Barbell, Kettlebells, whatever you may have)

Kettlebell Alternating Swing – 1 min

Kettlebell Low Windmill – 30 sec each side

Stay Motivated FitRanXers,

Sgt. Rians

P.S. For more information on how to be a part of the REVOLUTION and start your own FitRanX Platoon contact us at:

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