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Are you a Warrior or a Want to Be?

Are you a Warrior or a Want to Be?

I want you to look at that question,

I want you to read it again,

I want you to think real hard about it.

Which one are you?


Now I talk about warriors and military stuff all the time, but there are all sorts of warriors.

You don’t have to be in the military to be a warrior.

The true essence of a warrior is someone that goes to battle against someone or something.

A warrior is someone who stands up for what they think is right.

A warrior is someone that doesn’t give up, no matter what obstacle stands in his or her way.

If you chose this path, you will get knocked down,

You will want to give up,

You will go through hard times.

But that’s what makes you who you are.

It’s the hard times that build character and make you strong.

It’s being put in those situations that make you GREAT.

“Warriors are not born and they are not made…

Warriors create themselves through trial and error, pain and suffering,

And their ability to conquer their own faults.”

164407_10200123012614681_1057890921_nDon’t be afraid to make mistakes.

You are not lesser of a person because you made mistakes.

If you talk to any successful person,

they will tell you that they made more mistakes then good calls.

But they learned from every mistake they make.

It’s the person that’s afraid to make that leap of faith that will go nowhere.

You have to be willing to trust your gut and chase your dreams.

No one is going to serve your dreams to you on a silver platter.

You are the one responsible for making it happen.

It’s sad to say that most people in the world have little to no drive.

I see it everyday, all the people out there just following the herd.

Are you just following the herd?

Or are you blazing your own path?

Since you are reading this, I bet you blaze your own path.

I congratulate you, because you are part of a select few.

You are part of a small community that would rather risk it all, then to follow others.

You are a true leader.


So if you ever get discouraged and start doubting yourself,

Remember who you are.

Remember what you stand for.

Remember what you are fighting for.

Remember you are a WARRIOR.

You do not quit until you have reached your dream!

Now get out there and change peoples lives.

Stay Motivated,

Sgt Nick Rians

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