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Sh*# Could Be Worse

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Man I’m having a hell of a week!

First my Toyota truck gets stolen in L.A. (They found it by the way. She was completely stripped. They only left the frame, motor, and transmission)

Second my Wyoming truck decides it wants to brake down on me yesterday and leave me stranded at the mechanics shop. (they can’t get the parts til Wed or Thurs)

Then I think there is a little ray of sunshine since I had my motorcycle in the back of my Wyoming truck. I’ll just ride that back to my house.

NO…the battery has to be dead on that. So we trying jumping it and fry the electrical system on it. GREAT!! Now I have to wait til next week for parts on that.

I’m sharing this with all of you because I’m sure you have days that it seems like everything is going wrong.

If you don’t have those days, consider yourself extremely lucky.

So I called my wife to tell her what was going on and she listened to me rant and told me that she was sorry,

but then she told me that she just drove past a motel and saw a couple with a brand new baby, sitting outside surrounded with all their belongings, looking like they had just been kicked out.

Homeless family poor desperate beg help economy poverty hungry street child man woman father mother parent sign ask

I’m so glad she shared that with me.

It really brought everything back into perspective.

No matter how bad you think it is, shit could always be worse.

I take every hardship as a challenge.

The universe wants to see what you’re made of, so it challenges you.

If you step up to the challenge, you will be rewarded.

So no matter the hardship, keep a positive attitude and you will push through to brighter days.

Stay Motivated,
Sgt Nick Rians

P.S. Do you know what happened after I changed my attitude at the mechanics shop? The owner was nice enough to let me borrow one of his vehicles for the weekend (he doesn’t know me at all).Things like that is what keeps my faith in humanity. We should all do our best to provide random acts of kindness.

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