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Guest Blogger: My boyfriend wants me to get fake boobs

04/15/2014 2 comments

Part I: FitRanX Intern Jackie’s Body Image Blog

This week, I’m asking the question: can my boyfriend morally ask me to get fake boobs?

First I Must Ask…. Do I Even Like this Idea, Myself?

The answer: maybe/kind of/someday/only in dreams/maybe in the future/too mad at my boyfriend to really answer this question.

To spare you from the cornucopia of my internal conflicts on this issue, I have created a board game map of how this goes down, should I dive right into this can of worms.


For your viewing pleasure.

Now, for the sake of this post, and my sanity, let’s suppose I will entertain the idea of putting two slugs in my body.

First of all, some none-too-exhibitionist background: I do actually have breasts, currently. They are pictured here to the left.


They are breasts that I’ve had for quite a while… and ones that I liked, I thought!!

Some of my internal gnawing on this includes: Won’t both he and I be devastated if I agree to have surgery and then he isn’t satisfied with the results, anyway?


Please also see pictured differences in opinion between he and I on any “improvements” to be made.

Or will it be a let-down no matter what they look like, when this man realizes he has already had the ultimate rule and role over my body, to actually customize what it looks like?

I’m not an idiot, I promise

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