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Is Your Energy Killing Your Business?


So……… I did coaching calls with quite a few fitness pros last week.

And I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with these guys and gals.

Some of them are just starting off and some of them have been at this game awhile.

But all of them are action takers and they get shit done!


Take Ryan…I gave him some pointers on making his website convert better,

and that guy had his whole website redone within an hour of getting off the phone with me.

Damn that was fast!

But that’s what it takes to keep up in this industry.

You have to be constantly learning.

Constantly evolving and making yourself better.

I’ll tell you guys a secret………Do you know the first thing I look for when starting these meetings?




I’ll listen for it in your voice or see it in your face if we are doing Skype or Facetime.

That is your first key in being successful in business and with your clients.

If your not enthusiastic, then no one else is going to be.


I know this may sound corny, but it is true.

Clients come to you for motivation.

They need someone that is going to be positive, someone that will keep them going through their difficult time.

And yes, they are not in a happy place, that’s why they are sitting across from you looking for help.

If you are excited to help them, they are going to be excited about your program.

Your enthusiasm will breed enthusiasm within them.

I had to learn this the hard way.

I had a client that asked me to hire on her nephew as a trainer.

I said sure, I’ll sit down with him and see if he’s right for the job.

The nephew came into my office, head down, wouldn’t look me in the eyes.

He talked very monotone and just didn’t seem like he wanted to be there.

I gave the kid a chance and hoped it was just nerves.

Big Chance Green Road Sign and Clouds

I let this guy work for me for almost a year!!

The monotone talking was not nerves.

It was straight personality.

We lost so many clients because he did not have Enthusiasm.


The kid knew his shit too.

He was a great trainer when it came to knowledge.

But it didn’t matter; clients just weren’t motivated by him.

I hate giving up on people, but in the end I had to let him go.

So…….make sure you are excited about what you do.

Your clients will feed off of your energy.



Stay Motivated,

Sgt Nick Rians


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