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Business is like WAR


Could you be a better coach?

STOP and read that last sentence again.

Reflect on it.fitness-coaching



I bet your pretty damn good at what you do.

That is why you chose coaching as your profession.

But there is always room for improvement.


Now… Do you believe that or are you saying in your head right now,

“I don’t need to get better, I’m good enough”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like ‘Good Enough’.

If your just good enough, that means all your competition has to do is be a little bit better then you and they will get all the clients and put you out of business.

Because business is like War.

You are battling against other gyms in your area.

Those other gyms are trying to get your clients and take the food off your table.

They are trying to KILL 222880eyour business.

Are you going to let this happen?


When I was in the Marines, I carried around a little folded up piece of paper in my helmet everywhere I went.

And on the days I didn’t feel like giving it my all, the days I felt like quitting, I would pull it out, unfold it and read.

This is what it says:


“Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you. He is training with minimum food or water, in austere conditions, day and night. The only thing clean on him is his weapon. He doesn’t worry about what workout to do – his rucksack weighs what it weighs, and he runs until the enemy stops chasing him. The True Believer doesn’t care how hard it is; he doesn’t go home at 1700; he is home. He knows only the ‘Cause’

Now who wants to quit?


That True Believer is your competition and they are trying to kill your business and take what’s yours.

Are you going to let this happen?

You have a choice, you can either be ‘good enough’ or you can continue to strive to be the best.



Stay Motivated,

Sgt Nick Rians


P.S. This is the LAST week to register for the EAST COAST FitRanX Instructor Certification. Let me help you become BETTER and teach you how to kill off your competition!


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