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Your Kids Want this More than Heroin

We all know this scene:

Boy screaming supermarket

You just got into the wrong checkout line at the grocery…

You’re in line at the grocery store.

A child who looks like he needs a little more exercise starts dancing around with a king sized Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups package.

‘The mother is going to tell him heck no,’ you think to yourself.  You know this game (we all played them in ourCandybars supermarket own childhoods!)

If you were her, you would say no – that kid does NOT need a candybar.

Sure enough, she shrugs him off.

“Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnn…” starts the boy in a low wail, as if the world is crashing down.

You start to wish you had chosen a different checkout line… how long is this going to go on for.

The boy. Keeps. Wailing.

What is this???? He’s put the Reece’s on the belt and she pretends not to notice…

major malfunction

Private’s Major Donut Malfunction lasted into adulthood…


A major malfunction has just occurred.

Can you identify what just happened here?

Well, this mom has just rewarded negative behavior.

With a candybar that is going to have a NEGATIVE effect on this kid’s physical and emotional well-being.

If you’re a nerd for brain facts, you probably already know that children are constantly creating chemical connections as they learn how the world works.

Not only are kids watching an adult role model’s every move for cues on what to do and how to act…

They’re also developing these synapses in 2 key areas that will affect their EVERY undertaking.

Usually, FOREVER.

Those 2 areas are the centers for pleasure and pain.


More specifically, they’re developing rules, or blueprints… if you want to think of it in those terms.

Ways they can gain pleasure and avoid pain.

And parents who use food as a reward (and a reward for negative behavior at that – don’t even get me started)…

Well, they’re pretty much guaranteeing that they’re going to mess their child up.

These simple, everyday things about how you respond to your child can affect how successful your child is for life!

Ever hear people talk about having a food addiction, and think, ‘Just get off your a** and go work out!’

Well, they may not be as lazy as you think.

This year, several studies were backed up with further info that says sugar is more addictive than cocaine and heroin.

Like, just as addictive as cocaine?Boy with bowl of sugar

Nope, 8 TIMES more addictive.

So, are all incentives bad?

Of course not.

In fact, there are several things to keep in mind when you want to use incentives in a positive way.

First, know your goal: what positive behavior do you want to support with a reward?

How about less sugar and MORE physical activity – email me for help on that one J

That way, you can set your child up with good behaviors for life, rather than keep putting band-aids on bad behavior.

Plus, when you respond to your child’s every whim, you’re letting him or her control the show.

When you set up a general direction for your child, you’re doing your job as a parent to be a guide – and a responsible role model.

So, no more band-aids!

If your child is controlling the show, give him or her something to work for!!

Girl working out

Second, keep your rewarding consistent.

If 30 minutes of physical activity gets a (non-food) treat, make sure your child can earn the treat EVERY time.

If you skip, the whole system is broken down.

Third, consider what’s called “differential” incentives: let your child decide how hard they want to work.

And let the reward size equal the work output.

Not only does this inspire harder output, it also builds confidence and an inner sense of control.

FitRanX for Kids uses this scientifically proven system in its reward system to associate physical activity with the pleasure centers in the BRAIN.

During class, your child earns tickets for achieving goals like working harder to win that game and tickets for showing up.

Just like Chuck E Cheese.

And what children of a certain age DON’T like Chuck E Cheese?

That’s right!


And this program grows with your kids, because not only do they get small rewards each time, they’re also working toward a bigger goal…

(Leveling Up and receiving those colored RanX bands).

Bet you didn’t know we did all that in the Kids’ program, did you!!

How are you doing at setting up a positive reward system for your children?

Shoot me and email or leave a comment below and let me know, I’d be happy to talk with you about it!

– Sgt Nick Rians


Inspire Mondays ONE… Who’s Watching You?

Do you know who is watching your fitness life and goals?

Brain workout


The FitRanX “INSPIRE” value means that you are taking others along with you.

If you’re motivated, you’re doing this whether you know it, or not.

If you’re getting traction and results, people are paying attention.

(If you’re not getting results, we need to talk! Contact us on our Facebook page and let us know what you need to see!)

The question is, are you letting others into your fitness success?

It’s a matter of effectiveness in leadership and INSPIRATION.

This is the basis for the following blog series. Think of your fitness life as a business.

You are the “entrepreneur” of your body and how well you inspire others to their fitness potential.

Lesson One: The Law of the Lid


The ability to lead is the “lid” that determines a person’s effectiveness.

The lower an individual’s ability to lead, the lower the lid on his potential.

The better a person is at leading, the higher the lid on his potential for achievement.

Can a restaurant – one of the most successful restaurants of all time – teach us anything about our personal effectiveness?

The restaurant: McDonald’s. The answer: yes, and the key is that they weren’t always so successful.

Some key partners in the restaurant had a very specific “lid” on their leadership potential.

If they can learn this lesson and become a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, we’re betting you can inspire others to get fit.

A Huge Ship with No One at the Helm?

You are the creator

In the 1930s, Dick and Maurice McDonald opened one of the first fast food restaurants.

By the mid-‘50s, their annual revenue was $350,000, and they took home about $100,000 each year.

But despite their success, they were not true leaders.

They tried to franchise their restaurants, but sold only 15 licenses, of which only 10 became actual restaurants.

In contrast, Ray Kroc joined them in 1954 and proved himself a powerhouse of leadership.

He assembled a team of the sharpest people he could find, worked hard, and sacrificed for the business.

In 1961, he bought the McDonald brothers out for $2.7 million.

Today, the company has 34,000 stores in 119 countries.

The McDonald brothers’ weak leadership put a lid on their ability to succeed.

Everywhere you look, you can find examples of success being limited by lack of leadership.

For example, Steve Wozniak was the brains behind Apple in the 170s, but his leadership lid was low.

By contrast, Steve Jobs’ leadership lid was high, and he built a world-class organization out of Apple.

To apply the law, take a look at the following steps.

Lesson 1

Once you’ve done this, check back with us for Law TWO: The Law of Influence.

Stay tuned for our next law to succeed in your fitness “entrepreneurship!”

If you want some extra accountability on this, leave the answers to the 4 questions below and we’ll help you keep track.


SABOTAGE!!! Weeks 11 & 12



Sorry to say, this is not an article about the beastie boys.

This is about the one thing we have all done to ourselves at least once while on a “diet.”

Yes…. Sabotage.


It doesn’t matter how, when, where, or who does it – but I can guarantee you that it will happen.

It happens to the best of us, including me and Sergeant Rians!

I was doing so well on my transformation, aka “diet.”

Key word here is WAS.


Then it happened, My Birthday.

Now, I know you are thinking, “A piece of birthday cake is not that bad.”

I would normally agree with you but, my husband went all-out for my birthday (he usually does!!).

Here’s how the sabotage started…..


Friday morning I was told to be ready and in the car by “0800.”

Any of you that have kids knows that it’s nearly impossible to be on-time, ever.

We have 3 kids, but we were pulling out of the driveway at 7:58 a.m. (simply because I am amazingly punctual 🙂 )

I had no idea where we were going.

Long story short….we headed out to Catalina for the entire weekend.

We are on the boat heading out to Catalina, and I was literally calculating how many meals we would have to be eating out.

Holy crap, I was about to commit Diet Suicide!

Here I was supposed to be celebrating my 36th birthday, and all I could think about was how hard it was going to be to get back on track Monday.

This is where the sabotage comes in to play.

I could have ordered the grilled chicken breast with veggies instead of the fish & chips.


Or…. instead of ice cream in a waffle cone – I could have had frozen yogurt, but hey birthdays only happen once a year, right?!?!?!

That’s where I did myself in.

I put my mind set in the zone of “It’s for my birthday, I’ll bounce back on Monday”… SABOTAGED!!!!


It was a snowball effect from that point on.

I haven’t eaten like that in MONTHS!!

I knew I would pay the price on Monday when I weighed myself.

Boy, oh boy… did I pay!  4lb GAIN!!!!!

After a few tears were shed, I sucked it up and told myself, back to work.

I must end with this –

I enjoyed myself tremendously and knowingly sabotaged my own diet but this time it was for a good cause ;0).


Now…. I know I will NOT make this a habit, but if this has happened to you make sure you don’t make it a habit of your own.  I don’t need to explain to you the term “Yo-Yo Effect……”

Mrs. Melissa Rians

Getting all HUNG UP on Numbers


Weight loss battle Weeks 9 & 10. I am at a loss for words, and for the people that know me… that’s saying a lot.

I have embarked on this weight loss battle for almost 10 weeks now and I am not where I planned on being.

The last thing I posted was about “hitting the wall.”

Well, I have discovered that “the wall” is about 10 feet high and is made of solid brick!!!

I told myself when I reached week 8 that I would drop the last 8 pounds of my battle in 2 weeks flat.

Baby weight loss

Did I reach that goal… uhhh NO.  I only lost 1 pound in 2 weeks!!!!

I am at 137 pounds and seem to be stuck without progress, or is there progress?

The thing is, I have been too focused on the numbers and not my body itself.

I love to lift weights, I am a weight lifter.

Now, if you are envisioning a super ripped/buff chick well that’s NOT what I mean.

I had muscle tone and was strong, I loved my body.

I love lifting weights, doing squats, curling, and pressing it feels amazing.

I had completely stopped lifting after baby number 3.

I had been focusing just on my diet and not exercise.

But after hitting the wall, I picked up a bar and started squatting again.

In the past two weeks I feel amazing!!!

I feel stronger and my endurance is way up.

Weight Lifting Goddess

I can jog a solid mile and a half now without stopping (might seem like small potatoes to you but this is GREAT to me!)

This is where I hear my all-knowing hubby, Sgt. Nick Rians provides some infinite wisdom: “Just remember, a faster metabolism comes from more lean MUSCLE.”

So keeping that in mind, maybe I need to stop focusing on those numbers and focus on how I look and feel.

Maybe, just maybe I’m getting rid of some of that fat and building back some of that muscle?!

The point is, what works for me might not work for anybody else.

For me personally, I need to stop getting hung up on the numbers.

After all, it’s just a number.

I can get down to 120 lbs and look like a stick with lose skin, or be a solid 130 lbs and look amazing.

It’s all up to me, and it’s different for everyone.


If you get stuck like me, take a break and change things up.

Mrs. Melissa Rians

Getting close!!!!

Here I go again, another mental argument with myself about getting on the scale.

I’m standing in my birthday suit, on the cotton candy pink bathroom rug (ummm cotton candy) as my 5 month old daughter giggles delightfully in her bouncy chair.

fitness ranking

I briefly wonder if shes getting a kick out of what she did to my body.

Instantly I hear my 4 yr olds words in the back of my head,  “Mommy you still have a big tummy but its ok, you still look pretty”.

I take one deep breath then I step on that dreaded little scale.

I literally have my eyes closed, slowly I look down at my toes and Eureka…..I’m back in the 130’s!!!!

I hop up and down a few times, making my little lady giggle even louder, and I realize that I just let a scale determine my mood AGAIN!

fitness ranking motivation

During this weight loss battle I’ve been determined not allow a scale to instantly swing my mood.

Needless to say, it hasn’t worked.

Why do I do this to myself?

What is the psychology behind it?

How can I change it?

The truth is I can’t change it, and I don’t really want to.

It’s what keeps me on track.

Being scared to step on that scale is what I think about when I want that cookie or ice cream.

weight loss

That and, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but my wall paper on my phone is a picture of me in my bikini after my 2nd baby.

Now every time I look at my phone I am reminded what I am working so hard for.

And it’s been harder this time around.

Everyone around me likes to put their two cents in, “It’s harder this time because of your age” and “It’s harder this time because you don’t want it as bad” and the BEST one is “It’s different this time around because you are married and happy”.

I just politely smile and try to ignore the comments as I’m thinking to myself how I can’t wait until summertime so I can show off!

To sum this up… Woohoo I’m back in the 130’s!!!!!!

And a little fear of the scale just might help you to stay on track.

One last thing, strategically placed photos of what you want to look like helps a great deal :0)

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Mrs. Melissa Rians

Coming to an end…

The first month has come to an end, and I am one pound short of my goal.

Down 9lbs in one month makes me pretty happy.

I’m still kinda annoyed at the fact that I missed my goal weight by one tiny pound.

fitness client retention

On the brighter side of things I took my one month pictures and I like what I see so far.

It’s crazy how much of a difference 9lbs can make.

So, my ultimate goal is 30lbs in 3 months, by the end of march I WILL be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I took pictures of myself on day one of this whole baby weight melt off and plan on taking pictures of myself at the end of each month.

At the end of March I will take my final pictures and I will post all the pictures with my final blog ( even the hideous first pictures! )
After I took the first round of pictures of myself, I sat on my bed, held my breath then took a look.

I can say this much, if my 10 year old son wouldn’t have been in the room I probably would have sobbed uncontrollably for an hour.

Luckily for me my son is the nosey little booger he is and was breathing over my shoulder when I looked at the pictures.

He said, ” Mommy you don’t look bad, you are still pretty to me. ” At that moment everything inside me stopped weeping and I cowboy’d up!

Now a month later and I’m down 9lbs, I can almost button my size 2 jeans, and there is a noticeable difference in my month pictures.


If you are dieting and trying to get in better shape I would advise you to take pictures of the whole process, it really does help to see the difference.

Can’t wait till my month 2 pics!!!!

Mrs. Melissa Rians

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“I just high fived myself in the meat department”

01/22/2014 1 comment

So,  I’m down another 2lbs this week and I couldn’t help but feeling like it wasn’t enough.

I was assured by my other half, aka Sgt. Nick Rians that 2-3lbs loss a week is ideal and healthy.

Still I was stuck feeling like it should be more.

While still sulking over a 2lb loss I found myself standing in the meat department of our grocery store.

I was standing there looking through the ground beef trying to find a package that came as close to 2lbs as possible for dinner.

Fitness client retention

I finally found one that was dead on 2lbs.

I’m holding this large hunk of ground beef in my hands and it hits me…. I lost this much meat off my body in the past week!!!!

I suddenly didn’t feel so bad anymore.

If ever you feel that your 2-3 lbs loss is not substantial, just go to the meat department at your grocery store and find that hunk of meat that matches your weight loss and just hold it in your hands.

You will realize that the 2lbs you worked so hard to lose really is pretty good, and give yourself a little pat on the back.

I would advise to wait until you get into the car for that, otherwise you might get some really odd looks from the butcher…. I certainly did:-)
fitness ranking
My new thing this week is,  instead of driving every where I would walk with the stroller instead.  ( if it was within reasonable distance )

Now I hope nobody is laughing yet, but my 4yr old can’t even keep up with me while I walk.

She is constantly telling me mommy slow down I’m tired of running.

What I am saying is, I’m fast.

I’m pretty sure I look like one of those “power walkers” and to top it off I am constantly talking to my baby while I’m strolling along at hyper speed.

fitness motivation

I really enjoyed myself, maybe it was all the natural vitamin D  I was taking in but it was one heck of a workout.

I will never laugh or poke fun of those power walkers again, and I plan on keeping this as part of my weekly routine.

In total, down 7lbs in 3 weeks and saved one tank of gas!

Not only am I becoming my old hot self, I’m giving people something to laugh at as they drive by me while I’m talking into my stroller at hyper speed, and saving the environment!

Melissa Rians

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