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“I just had a baby…4 months ago”

01/06/2014 2 comments


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Hello everyone!!! Melissa Rians here, wife to the notorious Sgt. Nick Rians.

As you may all know, I had a beautiful baby girl on September 5, 2013.

She was a bruiser at 8lbs 9ozs.

She turned 4 months old on January 5th and I couldn’t be happier (with her that is)!

As for myself…. I am pretty disappointed.

This is my third baby, and I remember it being a whole hell of a lot easier to lose the baby weight before, or was it?

Here’s the stats:  1st kiddo I was 25, worked 10hr shifts, hit the gym 5 days a week until the day he was born.

After, I  lost ALL 35lbs within 3 months (awesome).

2nd bambino I was 31, worked from home and still went to the gym 5 days a week up until a few days before she was born.

weight-scale-helpAfter her I lost ALL 30lbs within 6 months.

Which brings us to the present.

I am 35, I worked 20 hrs a week, and worked out at home 4 days a week until I was 38 weeks.

I gained 35lbs and it’s now 4 months later and I’m JUST begining the weight loss battle!

I have always been pretty critical of myself and this past holiday season i was pretty upset with the way i still looked.

I looked as though I “JUST” had a baby. ( but that was 4 months ago )

I found myself chatting with a girlfriend on christmas eve and she said to me,  ” wow you look great for just having a baby! ”

I was kinda puzzled by this statement because I didnt feel that I “JUST” had a baby.

So I asked her “when is it not ok to say i just had a baby”?

I mean you don’t hear people saying “I JUST ate an entire pizza….4 months ago” or ” I JUST got in a car accident… 4 months ago”.eating-pizza

Her whole “compliment” got my wheels turning and made me realize that since I didn’t feel like I JUST had a baby I wanted to stop looking like I JUST had a baby!

I don’t know what kind of time window justifies saying “I just had a baby” but for me that time window has passed.

Please note that I did say “for me” I am not trying to insult anyone or offend any new moms.

I’m just ready to drop the excuse, and get my body back!!!

So here I am, 1 week into my new diet and exercise plan.

So cliche right?!?!  I started off my new diet on New Year’s Day.

Hey, I needed a clean slate, a jumping off point what’s a better time than the first day of a new year.

I’ve lost 3lbs my first week.  I honestly don’t feel any different, well with the exception of being sore from working out anyways.

I thought about posting my current post baby stats with a picture, but couldn’t in anyway force myself to do it.

I will however post before and after pictures once I reach my goal.

I no longer want to hear ” Wow you look great for JUST having a baby ” I want to hear ” Wow, you JUST look great!”

So to help motivate you and myself…I will be sharing my weight loss journey with you.

Stay tuned:-)





Mrs. Melissa Rians

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